Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that information technology and social media play a proactive role in supporting democracy and human rights globally.

As a community we create programs, training and dialogue that promote the safe and responsible use of technology to advance open, democratic politics and accountable, transparent governments. We work together to take action to counteract challenges to democracy that emerge from new technologies.

We recognize the diversity of cultural and political contexts in which technology platforms operate and advance solutions that are designed with the active partnership of the communities who are impacted by particular technology.

Disinformation and Computational Propaganda Working Group

Coalition members are coordinating projects and sharing information regarding tech-enabled efforts to undermine the integrity of information and spread false or misleading narratives.

Cybersecurity Working Group

Cyber intrusions present an evolving threat to political institutions, processes, and information integrity. The Design 4 Democracy Coalition is collaborating to monitor threats, assess security, and identify protections to help political actors guard against these harms.

Research Coordination and Support

The Coalition is working with academics, foundations, and other researchers to coordinate efforts to better understand challenges and threats at the intersection of democracy and technology.

Incident Response

The Coalition is working directly with industry leaders to develop protocols for reporting, escalating, and resolving tech incidents that threaten to undermine elections or political events in countries around the world.