D4D Coalition Launches to Help Make Tech Work for Democracy

Supported by NDI and more than a dozen other international partners, the Design 4 Democracy Coalition held its first Advisory Board meeting on October 25th, in conjunction with MisinfoCon London and Mozilla Fest (MozFest). The D4D Coalition seeks to act as a force multiplier for organizations who advocate for more democracy-friendly technology platforms and policies by providing an opportunity for collaboration and mutual support within the democracy community. The Coalition also provides direct lines of communication with major technology platforms and is improving communication between the democracy community and the tech industry.

Chia-Liang Kao, cofounder of the g0v.tw (pronounced gov-zero), described his community’s work on the CoFacts project to build an online tool which helps to identify and correct disinformation and misinformation with fact-checking chatbot that provides incentives for people to share suspected disinformation that is spreading on messaging platforms.

Marco Aurelio Ruediger, Director of the Department of Public Policy Analysis of Brazil’s Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV/DAPP), described his organization’s work to build an online “Democracy Room” observing online campaigns and trends online during the country’s recent election.

Nahema Marchal of the Oxford Internet Institute represented OII Director and Advisory Board member Philip Howard and described the state of disinformation research provides an overview of OII’s Project on Computational Propaganda to survey online influence campaigns in elections, referendums and major political events worldwide.

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