Coalition Partners Contribute to Discussion on Tech's Role in the Rise of Populism

Several D4D Coalition partners convened in Brussels to participate in the forum “Representation in the Age of Populism: Ideas for Global Action” organized by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA). The event, held in the Belgian Senate, saw leaders from politics, civil society and academia from across the world gather to shape a “Global Agenda for the Renewal of Representation,” a guide aimed at reinvigorating the relationship between people and democracy. To support this effort, NDI organized workshops focused on developing responses to disinformation, the negative and positive roles technology can play in strengthening democratic values, and examining more broadly the concept of information integrity in the rise of populism. The working sessions featured Coalition Advisory Board member Margo Gontar, who spoke about her work as the co-founder of in Ukraine. has been at the forefront of combating disinformation and computational propaganda, largely emanating from Russia. Facebook’s Anika Geisel also participated in the discussions, and highlighted steps that the platform is taking to improve transparency in political advertising. In addition, Coalition supporting partner, IRI, led a discussion on the relationship between parties, movements, and tech.