Bareedo Platform

The mission of Bareedo Platform is the promotion of democracy, open government and federalism through building inclusive, representative and democratic institutions and society that leads to sustainable democracy in Somalia. To achieve these core issues, Bareedo Platform will:

  • Disseminate the culture, principles and modules of democracy and federalism, values of civic cultures, rights and obligations.
  • Encourage women, youth, minorities and persons with disabilities to actively participate in politics by providing them with knowledge about their constitutional and legal rights to make them active citizens, strengthen social responsibility and enhance democratic processes and institutions.
  • Encourage and promote a culture of openness within the government, increase public access to government information as a key contributor to achieving different policy outcomes in diverse domains including public sector integrity and anti-corruption, public sector modernisation, civic freedom, digital government, public procurement, public sector innovation, public financial management and human resource management as well as all major socio-economic targets within the framework of the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Promote federal system of governance, decentralisation of power and service delivery to give people ability to affect their government, government policies and law making to achieve a government entity closer to its citizens, respond to the needs of citizens to sustain the peace and unity of Somali people in Somalia.
  • Promote an information-rich environment that supports all citizens across the country to be informed and engaged.