Pollicy is an award-winning feminist collective of technologists, data scientists, creatives and academics working at the intersection of data, design and technology to craft better life experiences by harnessing improved data. Our work focuses on influencing a culture of responsible data use, promoting appropriate data governance practices and advocating for policies that support an enabling data ecosystem.

At Pollicy, we believe in the power of data and technology to revolutionize how governments deliver services to their citizens. In today’s world, the impact of existing and emerging technologies on the advancement of social justice and equality has quickly become incontrovertible. As part of our goal to achieve and promote gender equality, we believe it is important to criticise these technologies using feminist critique centring the lived perspectives of women working in these spaces and using these digital tools in their daily lives for purposes of ease and comfort. 

Pollicy currently runs a number of projects aimed at the feminist internet, access to technology, digital literacy/safety and social media analysis, with the aim of providing a feminist lens to these thematic areas.