Centre for Rights Education and Awareness

Founded in 1999, the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness is a national feminist women’s rights Non-Governmental Organization. Although CREAW’s work has expanded over the years, the focus has consistently set women’s rights at the centre of everything we do.

CREAW uses bold, innovative and holistic interventions for the realization of women’s rights. Our programs have over the years focused on challenging practices that undermine equity, equality and constitutionalism, promoting women’s participation in decision making and deepening the ideology and philosophy of women’s empowerment.

We also support movement building to advance the agenda for social transformation, besides preventing, mitigating and responding to Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).

The organisation derives its mandate from international, regional and local human rights principles and protocols that recognize the role of multiple stakeholders as catalysts in the advancement of women’s rights. The mandate also draws from our own social consciousness which obligates us to continuously champion, expand and actualize women human rights.

CREAW works with both men and women who are committed to women and girls’ wellbeing, besides partnering with complementary actors and institutions. For instance, we are part of the membership of the National Gender Based Violence (GBV) working group coordinated by the National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) and the National Women’s Steering Committee. CREAW is also a co-convener of the Kenya Chapter of Africa Unite, which is the United Nations (UN) Secretary General’s campaign vehicle against GBV. CREAW is a member of the Solidarity for African Women’s Rights (SOAWR) and the SDG Group as well.