Vukosava Crnjanski

Founder and Director of CRTA

Vukosava Crnjanski is the founder and director of CRTA, a NGO whose work focuses on the establishment of innovative and practical mechanisms and tools for citizen engagement and advocates for an open, accountable and democratic government in Serbia. Vukosava has been a civic activist in political life in Serbia for 20 years, shaping her life and directing her professional career toward activism and inclusive political engagement.

Vukosava has extensive expertise in fostering democratization gained through her successful leadership and management of CRTA’s advocacy initiatives. Her work has focused on election observation, fact-checking and accountability journalism, as well as oversight and advocacy for institutional accountability and openness.

Vukosava has also worked as a senior NDI trainer and practitioner at the regional and international levels since 2004, providing capacity building trainings in advocacy, public outreach and campaigning, strategic planning and more for non-governmental organizations, government officials and institutions, and media.

Vukosava received international recognition for innovation and her commitment and contributions to democracy through the W. Averell Harriman Democracy Award, awarded by the National Democratic Institute in 2013. Under her leadership, CRTA was awarded the OSCE 2018 Democracy Defender Award for contributions to the promotion of democracy and the defense of human rights, as well as the 2018 Commissioner for Information of Public Importance award for its strong contribution in the area of free access to information in Serbia.