Join the Coalition

Why Join

Our global network of organizations focuses on some of the most pressing issues of technology and democracy. Together our Coalition provides members the ability to engage with tech companies, to learn from our collective research, and to engage in collaborative programming.

The Coalition provides a feedback loop between our tech partners and our members, to help surface and act on incidents that may be undermining democracy. Our tech partners also provide various tools that may be of use to our members for research and cybersecurity protection.

All members are also encouraged to share, coordinate, and provide support for various community resources. This also provides ways to receive feedback on your reports, to learn from new methodologies, and to more actively learn from and collaborate with each other.

Coalition members also are able to work together on programs of shared interest. We are always looking to coordinate projects and share information regarding tech-enabled efforts to undermine the integrity of information and spread false or misleading narratives. Cyber intrusions present an evolving threat to political institutions, processes, and information integrity. The Design 4 Democracy Coalition is collaborating to monitor threats, assess security, and identify protections to help political actors guard against these harms. We also focus on issues related to the open internet and internet shutdowns and its impacts on democratic governance. 

Who Can Join

Members can include academic institutes, think tanks, civic tech groups, human rights organizations, journalism groups, and other non-governmental organizations working at the intersection of technology and democracy.

For those who would like to get more deeply involved in the organizational and strategic planning of the Coalition, your organization can be considered for Core Partnership, which includes representation on the Steering Committee

To adhere to our funding and conflicts policy, all tech partners are not considered members of the Coalition or any governing bodies within it. However, we are always looking to engage with more tech companies who are actively seeking to design for democracy. 

How to Join

The Design 4 Democracy Community Manager, Rachelle Faust, handles all member engagement, as well as overall coordination and governance support of the Coalition. Email Rachelle to discuss your interest in joining the Coalition. From there, a simple membership form and onboarding process will allow you to take full advantage of the Coalition and our community.