Marco Aurelio Ruediger

Director of Public Policy Analysis at FGV

Professor Marco Aurelio Ruediger holds a Doctoral Degree in sociology and a Master Degree in Management and Policy Analysis. He is currently the Director of Public Policy Analysis at FGV, where he conducts research on innovation of the State structures, data transparency, social networks, technological innovation and democracy, public security and immigration.

At DAPP he conducts a team of economists, sociologists, political scientists, designers and policy analyzer on research on modernization of the State structures, e-Democracy, Network Society and other key topics of the political agenda such as Social Protests, Public Security and Immigration. He also works extensively with applied projects for the Public Sector.

Previously, Professor Ruediger held a number of public positions in Brazil including that of Undersecretary for Public Administration in State of Rio de Janeiro and Director of Managerial Information of Rio de Janeiro City Hall.